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Activities 123

Desert Elephant Experience - all day

Desert Elephant Experience - all day

The largest population of desert-adapted elephants in the world lives in this arid environment. Recent estimates indicate that probably about 600 of these adapted elephants are in this Area.

There is a debate among zoologists and scientists about whether these desert animals should be classified as a subspecies of the elephant. Desert elephants are particularly well adapted to desert life and dry conditions. They routinely pull at long distances between feeding grounds and the scattered waterholes where they drink during the dry season. Distances of up to 70 km are covered.

While no animal sightings are guaranteed, the local herds visit the Riverbeds as a constant source of water and so the guides and trackers always have a very good chance of finding the elephants there.

Your adventure starts after breakfast, departing with a guide and heading west into the Riverbeds in a 4x4. There are plenty of game viewing and bird watching opportunities along the way, baboons are particularly abundant in the gorges, occasionally giraffes are encountered.