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Offroad Adventure

Join us on off-road tours through the breathtaking Kaokoland and Damaraland, either as a self-driver or as a passenger in our guided small groups.

Guided Off-Road Adventure Tours (Self-Drive or Passanger in Guide vehicle)

Discover the untouched wilderness of Namibia on our Exclusive Off-road Tour!

Our Kaokoland tour combines the thrill of off-road driving with the breathtaking beauty of the Namibian wilderness. Explore the rich and diverse Damaraland and Kaokoland, a true gem in the northwest of Namibia, extending all the way to the Angolan border.

On the Standard Off-road Tour, the focus is not on extreme challenges, but on enjoying the spectacular surroundings. Let us take you on a journey that harmoniously blends nature, culture, and thrill.

In contrast to the Heavy Off-road Tour, where sometimes extremely demanding passages are built into the tour, such as the famous "Van Zyl's Pass" in remote Kaokoland, where man and machine reach their limits! But this is exactly what the adventurers who register for the Heavy Offroad Tour are looking for.

Our tour takes you into the uninhabited expanses of Kaokoland, where you can admire the fascinating interplay of light and shadow in the changing desert landscape. The Kaokoland tour offers you the chance to encounter Namibia's unique wildlife - elephants, giraffes, rhinos, lions, and ostriches, to name a few.

Our experienced guides will show you how to drive safely and effectively off-road and look after your well-being throughout the tour. They are equipped with off-road rental vehicles and comfortable roof tents that can accommodate up to two people.

However, the highlight of your trip could be wild camping under the sparkling starry sky of Namibia. For those looking for a bit more comfort, there is the opportunity to stay in the beautiful lodges at some stops on our journey.

Spoil your palate with three delicious meals a day - from a nutritious breakfast, to a refreshing midday picnic (bread, cold cuts, sliced vegetables), to a hearty dinner cooked by the guide over the campfire. Not to forget is our bush shower, which provides a welcome refreshment after an exciting day in the wilderness.

The Kaokoland tour is more than just a trip, it is a life-changing experience. You will experience moments of peace and tranquility in the wilderness, accompanied by adventure-loving fellow travelers who share your passion for the unknown.

Please note: This is not a tour for those seeking a relaxed beach holiday in a luxury resort. It's a journey for brave adventurers ready to explore the unknown and discover the wonders of Namibia in the process.

Be prepared to fall in love with Kaokoland. Let's create unforgettable memories together that will last a lifetime. Book your Kaokoland tour now and experience the adventure of a lifetime!

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Guided Standard Off-Road Kaokoland Tour June 2024

Guided Standard Off-Road Kaokoland Tour June 2024

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Guided "Heavy Offroad" Kaokoland Tour November 2024

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