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Activities 123

Himba Village Visit

Himba Village Visit

The Himbas are one of Africa's remaining semi-nomads. A visit allows you to understand and observe them as they go about their daily cultural lives.

The informal interaction facilitated by a guide allows visitors to see how the Himba live and engage in their daily work.

It is said that the Himbas are Namibia's most photographed tribe, and with good reason. It is very interesting to observe a tribe where people still cling to their traditional way of life. Women, men and children still wear their traditional clothing, leather miniskirts and goatskin loincloths, lots of copper and iron jewelry and ornate hairstyles covered with clay. They smear themselves with a mixture of rancid butter, ashes and ocher to protect themselves from the harsh desert climate.

Guest can visit the Himba village at any time when accompanied by a local Himba guide. The Village consist of traditional huts made of twigs, mud and cow dung and the animals pens are made of shrubs.