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Activities 123

Pelican Point Kayaking

Pelican Point Kayaking

Pelican Point Kayaking is a kayak adventure that takes you around the tip of the Pelican Point peninsula and closer to the Namibian Marine Wildlife.

Kayaking the most extraordinary activity for Marine wildlife viewing. This excursion offers an experience of adventure. As you brave your way through the cold Atlantic water to the Pelican Point, you row past flocks of flamingos. Once you have reached the Pelican point and Seal colony, you will be greeted by thousands of Cape Seals. There is no better way of getting closer to these animals in the water then by Kayak. If you are lucky, you can also see dolphins and whales. Rest assured that you won’t just observe marine animals, but you will also have encounters with cormorants, pelicans, waders and many other bird species.